27 ottobre 2016

We are just biological machines

[from a facebook group discussion]
["Why is suicide, according to Camus, not a solution to the absurd?"]

We are just biological machines (made of the same matter as any other objects) with a memory (and a connectome).
Death only means a reset of your memory (and the loss of your connectome, at most); infinite other "objects with a memory" (like us) will always continue to come in and out from "existence".
So, death doesn't solve anything, suicide is just a temporary escape; there is no real escape from existence, and there will never be.

["if this is true, kill me on repeat"]

Yes, it's a nigthmare.
Personally I would prefer to keep my current memory/connectome/incarnation for as long as possible, because I prefer to mantain my awareness of the absurd and all the thoughts that led me to my current philosophy of existence. In fact I'm also a transhumanist, in favor of indefinite life extension.
But, of course, if my current life should become too unbearable, I'm also in favor of the suicide option.
There should be total liberty in both extremes: indefinite life extension until you want it, and suicide assistance when you don't want it anymore.

– Gianni D'Anna, 2016